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Interesting articles, article titles, lists, or various pages within the Wikipedia-site Conglomerate

kirdnehkirdneh Member, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 2,961 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited December 2014 in Off Topic
Wikipedia has many pages.
Citation needed.
not citation the horse, or citation the type of guitar.
I've been on wikipedia and xkcd long enough to know that citation is both a guitar and a horse of the top of my head.

Some of these pages are really interesting, like, for example, Wikipedia'sList of Lists of Lists. In "List of Lists of Lists", there are lists of lists of lists, and in one of those lists is a list of various lists, one of the things in the list being "List of Lists of Lists" itself, so that "List of Lists of Lists" lists "Lists of Lists of Lists" within a list of lists within "Lists of Lists of Lists".
Another one of my favorites is top section of this page where it says, "This page is for discussions related to the Meta:About page.". This page references the discussion page, which references the layout and content of the actual article page, which references what is Meta Wikimedia, which is a wiki which references all the structural layout of Wikipedia. This section has 4 layers of meta, which may be the most meta part of wikipedia.
Another page is List of Deaths by Defenestration (dying by being thrown out of a window). The top of the page suggests that the list should be populated; basically wikipedia is telling people to throw people out of windows, and to document their doing so. (Of course, wikipedia isn't for first hand reports, so be sure to cite your blog post or something).
I doubt many people will comment here (I mean, come on, it's wikipedia articles we're talking about), but if you know interesting pages or unusual ones, then feel free to post them here.


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