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Rambling7/2.exe by Noxie

GouchnoxGouchnox Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 6,485 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
Disclaimer: You might not wanna read that if you're under 10 years old. Nothing explicit, but you just might not fully understand the thing.
Ya... rambling.
This one is a subject that I'm quite interested into, and I think most people will. You might wonder why the heck did I put a disclaimer, and that would be because today's topic is... sex. Now, I see where you're going. No, I'm not a perv or anything. I'm not interested in watching porno, I'm interested in knowing why we watch porno.
Because, when you think about it, it's kinda strange. Reproducing is a normal thing, yet sex is a taboo subject in our society. And I wanna know why, not because I'm interested in sex, but because I'm interested in how our brains work regarding sex.
So, I did some research and some braining. And, because I like to share stuff (on DNF, not irl), here's my full-length explanation.

First of, we need to know how the brain works. It's pretty easy. You have two main parts in our brain, at least, regarding the topic. You have the brainy part, the one that makes us think and interact in our society, and we have the Reptilian Brain (a rough explanation, but it's enough for now). The Reptilian Brain (no one likes the complex Latin names here ? we're gonna call it that way then) is the basic function. He is your basic life instincts, and doesn't think that much.
Yeah... I'm gonna use examples: jumpscares. A thing pops in front of your head. Your Reptilian Brain is like "Wow, what the f*ck is that ! React, run !" and you'll be scared. A split second later, your "Smart" Brain will receive the information, and be like "Slow down, this is a computer screen, no need to worry about anything". And it will calm you down. That's why you jump for a second but after that you're not scared anymore. If you were wondering, it's very important that the Reptilian Brain gets the information first. He's here to save your life. If there was a real threat, you'll run first and then think later. It prevents you for becoming a pizza by looking at the full-speed car right in front of you.
Now, your body needs a few things. The basic things. You need energy, of course, so you need to eat, drink, and go to the toilet for the useless overflow. You also need to sleep. Yes that's the only things your body needs. But... he needs that quite frequently. How can he make sure that you'll do those things ? Well, the Reptilian Brain is here to help. He makes sure you do those vital things by two ways. Firstly, he'll force you. You didn't eat for hours, your brain makes you hungry, because he needs you to eat. Just try to stay in an empty room, with only you and a disgusting meal. No matter what, you'll eat it. Even if you don't want to. Because your brain isn't crazy, he's gonna take control at one moment and eat the thing, even if you don't want to. Now, the second thing your brain does to make sure you do those things, is dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone of positive feeling, of pleasure. If you just complete an extremely hard level of an extremely hard game, your brain is gonna reward you with a good dose of dopamine. It's his way of giving you a pat in the back and say "good job". And he does that with the basic life needs too. You like tasty meals. This is just necessary food, yet, you like it. Your brain rewards you for eating, the same way he rewards you for a video game. Could you imagine if eating or sleeping was a chore ?

Now... on to the topic. Sorry, but I needed this introduction to make sure people will follow what I say. You remember when I said that the basic things were eating/drinking, pooping/peeing, and sleeping ? Well... there's another one. A more special one. You see, Mother Nature knows what she's doing. It's good if you keep yourself alive, yes, but it doesn't really matter if your specie dies. So... you need to procreate, to create babies. But... your body doesn't needs it, your specie does. And that brings us the strange vital need: sex. Now, your Reptilian Brain wants you to have sex, of course, it's his job to take care of the basics. But... he can't do it the same way as the other things. Because you don't really need sex, you're brain isn't gonna force you to do it. So... how does he make sure that you'll do it ? By balancing the other part: dopamine. "Sure, I'm not forcing you to have sex, but I'll reward you with much more pleasure !". And that's when porn, and masturbation comes in.
Because your brain loves dopamine, of course. So... he wants to "hack" the dopamine. Why wait for it, when you could find a way to get some dopamine cheaply ? Well... you can't fake to eat to get some dopamine... you can't do that for sleeping or pooping either... hum... The only thing that's left is sex. Why can you "fake" having sex ? Because you're not giving anything to your body. You're not giving him a burger, so he knows that you're not eating. Well, with sex, he can't know for sure that you're not having sex. Unlike with the jumpscare, your "Smart" brain won't tell your reptilian brain "there's no need to masturbate to this beautiful picture on your screen, it's not real", because he gets dopamine. And why stopping free dopamine ? Your Reptilian brain is like "let's have sex, your specie needs it", and your "Smart" Brain is like "yeah, why not, FREE DOPAMINE !". So... masturbating, watching porn, all all that kind of stuff, is perfectly normal. It's not weird, or anything.

But.. why is it considered wrong, then ? Why is it taboo, and even considered a sin in some religions ? Well... another cool brain mechanics comes in. Because, with the vital needs, your brain wants that since your birth. As a infant, you need to be able to eat, sleep and all.. but not to reproduce. Your organs that do this job aren't in full shape yet, because there's no need to hurry, it's not vital for you. So.. kids, at least before puberty, don't understand sex. They will react with repugnance when you talk about it, which is normal, because they don't understand the purpose of it. So... you don't talk about sex when kids are around. You don't want your kids to say bad words as "vagina", or things like that. Because we protect our children too much. And so, puberty comes, you discover what all of this means, and all that fun stuff. So... things that were taboo as a kid shouldn't be as a grown-up, right ? Well.. it doesn't work that way. Because you're built up as a child to be what you'll become as an adult. Learning a language when you're 2 is freaking easy (the proof it: that's what everyone does with their natural language), but it's much harder when you're older... So, you're, in a way, defined by what you were as a child. And... since talking about sex as a bad thing back then.... Yeah, you get my point. It's still a bad thing as an adult, even if it doesn't make much sense anymore.
Another thing that caught my attention is, off course, clopping. Why would people masturbate to ponies, anthros, or furries ? Well, I'm gonna explain for ponies, and that'll apply to pretty much everything else. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but mlp ponies don't quite look like irl ponies. I know, right ? Shocking, isn't it ? But yeah, they are drawn with some different body shapes, to match more "human-like" characters. Yes, mlp ponies are already athros if you think about it. So, the Reptilian Brain can identify them as.. something you can reproduce with. People don't clop to "regular" mlp ponies, but to, often very descriptive, porn images. These images "humanize" the pony even more, giving them boobs and all that fuzzy stuff. So... dopamine, anyone ? That proves that fapping to "non-regular" porn is normal, much like regular fapping is.
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