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Writing Words Wonderland 1

GouchnoxGouchnox Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 6,483 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
Why is this not called "Rambling.exe" ? Who changed the title ?
Brain, what is that ?
*no answers*
Well... things are starting good.
So... Writing hum ?
See, it's weird cause people don't quite understand writing as I do.
Words have feelings, manly hatred.
Languages have styles, and colors. Yes, languages have colors. (but this is not the topic here)
And letters... Well, letters have a spirit of their own. Some are quite friendly and amusing, while others are jack-asses.
I feel like people should know about them letters. I mean, you use them every day, don't you try to comprehend them ?
I'm here to show you my thoughts about letters. How I see them.

Firstly, as far as my writing style is concerned, I can classify letters in two groups. The first one being the "old" group, the writing style that I don't use anymore. The second one will be the "new" group, my current writing style.

Old group, with all letters attached:

Current group, the ones that I use, that kinda looks like computer typing:

First off, in the old group:
The a likes to hang out a lot with the o. They're kinda similar and share a lot of things in common. They often want to replace each other in a word. The q kinda hangs with them as well, they form a good hide and seek trio. But since the q is quite tall, he hides less.
The b is hanging out with the big boys. The f, the h, the k, the l... These guys know what's up. It almost fells like h and k are brothers. They confuse me a lot, those two. And the f is always a little tricky, as he likes to be.
But if we're talking big group of pals, we have the g, the j, the y, and the z which fit quite well together. They kinda feel like gang members, with their weird top. I mean... g has the top of an a or an o, while j is a lot like a i. The y and the z are a lot more discrete, I don't know what's up with them.
The e is more like a misfit. He can be like an i, an l, or even like a c. The i wanna look like a t, who wanna be like a d. The r likes to hang out with the big guy, you know, the b, the l, the h and the k to confuse everyone. But I feel like he fits more with the n and the m. Now, these guys are brothers. We have m, the older one, showing the example to his little brother, the n. They feel so similar... The p, on his side, kinda wants to look like an n. The u, the v and the w are aways together, the u and the v always playing at hide and seek. The x has kind of a weird personality. He can look like both a s (which I miss drew, sorry) and a c together.
Now, onto the l. This guy is sneaky. He hides literally everywhere. Behind a n, a e... He's super annoying with this constant hiding into a word he doesn't even belong to.

Now, the new group:
Ah... the a. What a b*tch he is. Not like the l, but this guy has potential. I mean, look at him ! He's exactly like a c, right ? No ? So why do these guys keep mixing up together ?
Oh, well, here, we have a new member to the u-v-w group. And it is... the r ! Who.. kinda wants to look like an n as well.
One thing, though, is the y and the x mixing up like crazy. And the new group, the b-d-p-q. Just look at them. There's gotta be a new trend here, everyone wanna look the same. One thing to point out, though, is the capital N. This guy is so narcissistic ! I guess he's proud to be bigger than his brother... But dude, look at him: He's contemplating himself in a mirror:
And he likes to dress a lot too. He never wanna look the same for some reason.
But it can't be worst than the f. This guy is a freaking shape-shifter. He's being a right pain to draw. Just look at that. How am I supposed to draw this guy ?

Oh well.. I think I got a bit mad there by the end.
But it's kinda hard to keep being nice and all to these guys. Dude.. seriously ?
Greek letters are way better than you guys.

(you can open your eyes now, you missed the crappy and boring stuff, all good)
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