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[NOW PLAYING] Dashnet Plays Eastern Mind

CookiewoodstockCookiewoodstock Posts: 16,175Member, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited August 2015 in Playground

If my posts have told you anything, I love Osamu Sato and his works. My favorite is Eastern Mind. I've wanted to LP this game for awhile, but I decided for a fun forum game, I would let you guys do the actions. Think Twitch Plays Pokemon, only not live.

Official TVTropes Page! [x]

Current Goal: Fulfill the goal of Byou's life (currently need to get the eyeball of dreaming from the roots of the tree of life)

How does it work?
For starters, we have these commands:
  • Go (direction)
  • Go (direction) (number 1-8) times
  • Turn (left/right) (number 1-4) times
  • Get/Pick up/Obtain/etc. (item)
  • Talk to (character)
  • Inventory/Furoshiki/Items
  • Scroll Inventory/Furoshiki/Items Menu (left/right) (1-6 times)
  • Use (item)
  • Use (item) on (object/character/item)
  • Answer "(answer)"
Whenever I do an action, I will make a post that looks something like this.

">Talk to Moku-Gyou.

Moku-Gyou talks to us. He has more words to say. We cannot go away right now. What is our next command?"

Once that's been done, you can enter commands for our next move. The top commands out of the cap that were suggested the most will be the commands we input, in order of their requests. If we have a tie, the command that was posted first is then chosen.

However, the majority rule function does not apply to moving around. So if we are in a 3x3 area, and one says "go left once" followed by 2 "go forward twice" commands, we will go left first, and then forward, as opposed to the other way around.

If there is a situation where we can only do one thing, then I will do it automatically. Also, if the correct answer to a riddle or question is given, I will input it automatically. Much less waiting. For areas with more dense warps, I will update it in one move, rather then 3, to try and make sure we see the warps possible very carefully.

Using the Book

Yes, the Tong-Nou book has enough commands to warrant it's own section.

•Open book - self explanatory
•Close book - self explanatory
•Flip page left - Can be done up to 10 times, self explanatory
•Flip page right - Can be done up to 10 times, self explanatory
•Mark current page with (red/blue/green) bookmark - Marks the page we are on with the book mark. Can only be done if it's available on the bottom.
•Go to page with (red/blue/green) bookmark - Goes to the page marked with the bookmark. Can only be done if it's being used.
•Remove (red/blue/green) bookmark - Requires majority rule vote, and also can only be done if it's being used.

Potentially FAQ
A: Me too. There is a lot of Zen going on here, trust me. But then again, this guy made LSD: Dream Emulator. What did you expect from that guy?

A: Use a walkthrough if you need to. A general goal can be learned by an item (the Mirror) and from the top of the post up there!

Q: So, wait, I can use a walkthrough to help me figure out how to beat the game? And watching a let's play?
A: You sure can! I implore you guys to do that, actually. Seeing as nobody here but me has beat this game, it's reasonable, too. As for the latter, only if they plan on beating the game, like this guy.

Q: Do you actually accept spam commands? Commands by people using alts to get 3+ commands and get the game to run faster?
A: I do take all commands seriously; but please don't spam commands to try and fuck everybody over. If you keep spamming shit to fuck everybody over, I can and will ignore your commands until I see it fit to let you play fair again. However, If I catch people using alts, they will have their commands ignored until I see it fit to let them play fair, and their alts will also have their commands ignored. So don't do that, please.

Q: How often do you update?
A: I try my best to update it occasionally, and I want it to be updated at least once a day. I like to let the commands accumulate before updating, if not to let there be 3 for me to put into the commands we run. But if the gap in December taught you anything, it might be longer then that. Of course, if an area is too dense, I will update faster then this.

Q: So, wait, do you post whenever you wake up + when there are 3 or more commands, or is there something else to it?
A: Nope! I will update whenever I wake up, or if I have 3 or more commands. Of course, the delay between updating and waking up might exist, but it shouldn't be too much. It should take until about 4PM, at the very worst case scenario where I forget until the end of the school day/don't get the chance until after the school day is done. Of course, there are exceptions, though...

Q: Exceptions?
A: The only two I have so far are for if I get an answer to a riddle, or when navigating an area with a lot of possible warps we might overlook by going too fast, such as Sato's head in THE VOID!!!, A-mong other things.

Q: I don't have my own DashNet account, but I wanna play this. How do I submit commands?
A: Sorry, but you gotta sign up here if you wish to play. I don't think the mods/admins here would mind if you signed up here just to play this. Generally speaking, we don't bite here at DNF.

Q: But, I'm your friend on other websites...
A: Again, we don't bite here at DNF. I'm sure that people here wouldn't mind you joining for playing this silly forum game.

Q: Do you manage the TVTropes page?
A: Other then other tropers who might find this scrolling through the LP/play-by-post RP lists, or other forumers, or general wiki wanderers who give polish, I am the main guy behind it.

Q: I think somebody is spamming/using alts, or I know they are.
A: Shoot me a PM, and I will gladly ignore their accounts used for this sorta thing.
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