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TelluriumTellurium Posts: 5,358Friendly, Cool, Idle Game Master, Conversationalist, Turquoise Mod
edited October 2014 in Playground
NOTE: If this looks long, it's because my posts are always too long. The game is really simple :P

This is a word game I've played IRL that conveniently would work online too! (Unlike some other word games I play IRL, like Contact, which is way more fun D:)
I might have spelled the name wrong, I've only heard it spoken.

So you come up with a phrase, then someone comes up with a phrase that can be attached to it by shared words. Then repeat, until both ends of the phrase have stumped everyone. Example:

Apple pie
Apple pie chart ("apple pie" + "pie chart")
Big apple pie chart ("big apple" + "apple pie chart")
Think big apple pie chart
It gets really long if you manage to keep it going. Much copypasting, way easier than having to repeat the whole thing like IRL.

You can only add to the front or the end, if that isn't clear. You can't make up phrases obviously, but you could use obscure ones or reference ones (like Cookie Clicker, Time Bear). If you do a reference that not everyone will get you should say what it's from.

The rules aren't super strict, you could use half of one word (like "homegrown" to "make yourself at home-grown") or other loopholes. Once we did "Lies and deceit" to "Lies and da seat of my pants", for an example of how painfully stupid it can get :P (But what the hell phrase starts with "deceit", anyway??)

If/when we give up, I'll archive the whole phrase here and we can start a new one.

Okay, starter phrase: "Bone meal".


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