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My 1st year of Dashnet special!

PurgePurge Posts: 2,003Member, Friendly, Helpful ✭✭✭✭✭
So, this day marks my 1st complete year of being on the Dashnet Forums. I would like to give a review of my time, from start to end (Not saying i'm leaving).

The beginning (Months 1-4)
The beginning of my time on the forums was very good. There was a great community, and the forum functioned well. I would not mind going back into that period if i had to, although I prefer how it is now.

The later months (Months 5-10)
Part of this was the Kong attack. I disliked that there were too little anti-spam measures. The overall community was still good, but most of my old friends had left the forum. This time period (With the zam spam and closed registration) was the forum's worst state, although it still was not bad. I was not here for a short portion of this time, as i was taking a break.

The Big Update (Months 11 & 12)
This is my all-time favorite part of the forums life. It was a great refresh. New community members, new layout, new Playground section, and a serious overhaul of the badges system. As i was about to get bored with this limited community, the update was announced (Actually to me, Shylight, and BoP before everyone else, a I was supposed to be a mod before, but i got hacked.) that gave the forum new meaning. I loved this time of the forum.

Overall, i loved this forum. If i had to rate it on a scale of 1-10, i would rate this 9.5. Thank you for reading and accepting me into the community one year ago.
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