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Multiverse Miner is looking for help with our open-source, incremental game.

antlongantlong Posts: 1Member

I'm looking to see if anyone with or without programming experience would be interested in helping build a game.

If you have programming experience, python, postgres, javascript (angular, jquery), and css/html is sought. If you don't have any experience, you're welcome to learn with us, and contribute via non-programming tasks such as quest and storyline writing, balancing mechanics, tweaking NPC and combatant stats, and much more.

We have a team of 30 total contributors. My background is in Python, I'm a Google alumni, and we have game designers from AAA studios on the team, as well as professional developers in all walks of software development.

This is what we're building (Just a visual) -

You can see the progress from the original game:

We began last week, so if you have some free time to spare, this is a good project and now is a great time.


Chat: #multiverseminer on

Please join the chat if you're interested.
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