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DebugbroDebugbro Posts: 95Member ✭✭
edited September 2013 in Bug Reports
Heavenly chips not saving*
Buying cursors gets really laggy after a while
Pledge background bugs
Cookies in bank and cookies baked all time are not saved*
Grandmatriarchal Status
One Mind cannot be bought
Showing 0 cookies after refreshing
Can't select text
Interface Jiggle
Grandma updates don't update properly
Export/Import doesn't work
Clicking Frenzy ends when purchasing an upgrade (possibly outdated?)
The text above the big cookie
Just only background
Upgrader achievement with 99 upgrades
Can't see cookied per click
Export/Import save bug
Black Screen
Off by one on elder covenant cost
A sudden restart
Cookie counter is way off
Automatic Production
Save not working correctly
Import save not working
1 quadrillion cookies achievement not working
CpS counter is way off
Export save won't give me my code**
Grandmas updates do not show up + lost progress
I lost the % cookies
Where are my cookies
High CPU usage in IE9
Cookie chain ending with 5 instead of 6
Game reset for the 3rd time in 2 days
Multiplier Glitch
Cookie chain don't add to the bank
Random Image Failures
Get Lucky doesn't work on Elder Frenzy
Grandmas are considered buildings.
NaN Cookies, NaN Cookies per Second
frenzy + clicking frenzy = NaN (not a number)
Grandma unlockables don't display in store window
The animation for the milk is not displayed properly
Background doesn't change back with Elder Pledge
Clickable revoke elder covenant
incorrect font
HTML nested wrong
Chain cookie end with 6 cookies
Cookie multiplier upgrades bug while in frenzy
Bug/Exploit with freezing browser
Game reset when computer froze
Double frenzy doesn't seem to do anything
Importing code into game results in it freezing (google chrome + firefox)
After restarting and gaining a large number of heavenly chips, they no longer work
One mind doesn't work for me
Golden cookie boost
Number of cookies total and per second; obscenely large number formatting issue.
Pledge background bugs

Solved in next version
Mathematician and Base 10 descriptions are outdated
Upgrade bug
Elder achievement does not require antigrandmas
Still not bought AntiGrandma, but can research or even buy One Mind
user-select in Firefox

I really like maths and physics. Am I scary yet?
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