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Missing Upgrade, And a bug that IS NOT an issue

KillAllRebelsKillAllRebels Posts: 233Member ✭✭
I have just realized (simply because i wasn't paying attention), that there are Pink upgrades. Well the Bank is missing this Upgrade. I have all of the upgrades for it up to Orange, and the pink isn't there.
Now for the second part.
So when using the Ascent Upgrade "Perma Upgrade" If you place any of the Grandmapocalypse upgrades in it, it will act as if you have the Bingo center and give you the upgrades that come after it. Now when u buy the upgrade center it will start the upgrades as normal, when it reaches the upgrade you have, it simply stops. So this works as it probably should so again NOT a bug, simply me explaining that this works as it should and should stay this way.
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  • Ghost10221987Ghost10221987 Posts: 1Member
    Just want to say that I have also noticed the missing pink bank upgrade. I had every upgrade except that one, because it didn't exist.
  • FatChicken18FatChicken18 Posts: 1,172Member ✭✭✭
    The missing bank upgrade is caused by a typo in the code. The upgrade is supposed to be acid-proof vaults.
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