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Santa upgrade, that does NOT boost Cps.

KillAllRebelsKillAllRebels Posts: 233Member ✭✭
So, While messing with the beta, i have noticed 2 big bugs so far; one I won't talk about till i look more into it.
The OTHER NON FUNNY BUG, is that the Santa upgrade labeled "Santa's Legacy" does not in fact multiply Cps. No, no, no it, instead, DECREASES Cps. my Cps at the time went from around 27Mill to about 16Mill.
Look to the Cookie... well at least the Dark Side.


  • Frayu1600Frayu1600 Posts: 4,177Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    That's true. I was click spamming all the upgrades as fast as I could because I have a rediculous high amount of Heavenly Cookies and looking at the CpS each time I purchase an upgrade and I've noticed that my CpS decrased instead of increasing. Not sure of what was it because I was buying every upgrade through spam clicking.
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  • KillAllRebelsKillAllRebels Posts: 233Member ✭✭
    Well ill be on the look out for any others i find im taking it slow laying as legit as it gets.
    Look to the Cookie... well at least the Dark Side.
  • BakersnfieldBakersnfield Posts: 82Member ✭✭
    Having the same issue, although it only applies for Santa's legacy. Other xmas upgrades works just fine.
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