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What should come after yotta- and yocto-?

cookiefonstercookiefonster Posts: 1,922Member, Helpful, Conversationalist ✭✭✭
edited August 2014 in Off Topic
The SI prefixes of powers of 1000 go as follows:

Kilo - 1000 (one thousand)
Mega - 1000^2 (one million)
Giga - 1000^3 (one billion)
Tera - 1000^4 (one trillion)
Peta - 1000^5 (one quadrillion)
Exa - 1000^6 (one quintillion)
Zetta - 1000^7 (one sextillion)
Yotta - 1000^8 (one septillion)

Yotta- is currently the highest SI prefix, meaning 1000^8 = 10^24 or one septillion.

But what should come next?

A lot of people seem to propose bronto- as the next prefix (one octillion, 10^27). But to match all the prefixes ending in -a, I propose the name bronta- for one octillion. It's not systematic, but it works.

I've also seen a proposal to use omega- as the prefix for one octillion. But to me, that works better as the prefix for the 10th power of 1000 instead of the 9th - in this case, omega- means 10^30 or one nonillion.

So then, 1000 yottabytes are a brontabyte, and 1000 brontabytes are an omegabyte, which has a nice ring to it.

And then, we need SI prefixes for one octillionth and one nonillionth. The small prefixes go as follows:

Milli - 1/1000 (one thousandth)
Micro - 1/1000^2 (one millionth)
Nano - 1/1000^3 (one billionth)
Pico - 1/1000^4 (one trillionth)
Femto - 1/1000^5 (one quadrillionth)
Atto - 1/1000^6 (one quintillionth)
Zepto - 1/1000^7 (one sextillionth)
Yocto - 1/1000^8 (one septillionth)

Since zepto- and yocto- look similar to zetta- and yotta-, I propose the next two smaller prefixes to be similar to bronta- and omega-, specifically brimto- for one octillionth, and omigto- for one nonillionth.

So the extended SI prefixes, by my proposal, would be:

10^27 = bronta-
10^30 = omega-

10^-27 = brimto-
10^30 = omigto-


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