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Decrypt the Cipher [Different]

ZyChromeZyChrome Posts: 858Member ✭✭✭
edited August 2014 in Playground
Simple. Every 'cipher' guessed, the 'cipher' gets longer, and one more possible character is added.
Possible Charecters (p.c.) for the first code are: 0-9
p.c. for second: 0-9, a
p.c.3: 0-9, a, b
p.c.4: 0-9, a-c
p.c.5: 0-9, a-d

I will add 5 more codes every time the 5th, 10th.... are discovered.

ALSO: this is different. very different. (i'm keeping up with this one, and it's mine.)

start guessing the first cipher! (i wont judge longer guesses.)


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