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Ice Cream Maker Legacy by SparkleLight

SparkleLight4LolSparkleLight4Lol Posts: 124Member ✭✭
edited June 2014 in Games - Old
Become the world most famous Ice Cream Maker!!! Do Ice Creams of all types from Chocolate to Nyan Cat Flavours!!!Make ridicously flavours and have a bizarre amount of dollars!!!

A versão brasileira será atualizada com a ultima versão em inglês!|The Brazilian Version will be updated with the last English Version

English Version:

Alpha Test:

Beta Test:


Brazilian Version(versão brasileira):


Psst.Come here.
I'm looking for pictures for Buildings/Clickables/Upgrades.Suggest it.Remember:no realistic images.Hand-Drawn ones(Paint accepted too,obviously,Drawing would be losing time unless you REALLY want.)
AKA Mickael200(Kong) AKA jdmorrison2002(Minecraft) AKA MCMorrison(LoLWait....SWAT????I have a LoL account????)

First IGM Game!
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