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The Fantasy Item Generator - v1.3.1

kenmariokenmario Posts: 372Member ✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in General Discussion
Due to the fact that there are so many possible combinations, I have only been able to calculate about half of all possible spell books, without anything afterwards - mainly due to the fact that any site I enter the calculation into breaks nearly instantly. If anyone wants to spend a few hours calculating the exact number, be my guest.

Now with over 1.6e+117 possible spellbooks!
Each spellbook is just as unique as the last ten generations of your family coming together to produce you as a final product! #TheMoreYouKnow

Hope you all enjoy it!
I am not responsible for any explosions, evil behaviour or random actions predicted or created by this generator.

I'm pretty sure this can generate over a million different a ridiculous amount of items. If there's any improvements I could make, please let me know.
It was first created by the dung beetle god of the internet, Oagertsay.
You find the barely functional, tangerine coloured lexicon of how to set fire to narwhals
The festival of the Calamari colossus-man god of baking
You find a bisque dyed painting of a french bistre painted calamari coin.
You find the angelic, anteater coloured painting of Orteil holding a tourmaline toenail.
You find a jasper painting of RedCookie666 holding a bloodstone beer mug. It represents the weasel god of art

1.3.1 - Have added a small list of DashNet forum users that can be generated in place of a name (these appear in bold to make them easier to see) and have added a quick method of being able to get possessed items. I will probably add more DashNet users as they pop up without any change-log notes.
1.3.0 - Nearly all grammatical errors have been removed, all name syllables have been redone and the naming system has been changed slightly, names now have a chance to generate included punctuation, all spell words are now from Harry Potter, a tonne of new colours have been added, colours and spell words now appear in italics to make them easier to read. Lots of minor changes to words and objects to make them more understandable and to use more common language, paintings and descriptions have seen some minor improvements code-wise, more easter eggs, item history has been mostly redone and other minor changes, such as capitalisation errors, spacing errors and general stuff.
1.2.1 - Spellbooks are able to summon monsters/animals, and spellword generation is a bit fancier. Also changed how containers are displayed, and changed wording and chances of previous ownership. And made names shorter.
1.2.0 - Added a whole bunch of content! Added the chance for items to have history, and added tonnes of materials, nouns, and other things from Orteil's Loot Generator ('cos I can't be bothered to type it up myself) and Dwarf Fortress. Added some miscellaneous stuff, fixed an issue or two, corrected some mistakes, and the usual stuff. In short - more animals, materials, books, and funsies.
1.1.3 - Fixed some issues with paintings, modified how decorations and item descriptions get displayed, and introduced a new enchantment visual system.
1.1.2 - Introduced tonnes of materials, and reduced chances of bonus item descriptions.
1.1.1 - Fixed a whole bunch of issues with paintings, and corrected several spelling errors.
1.1.0 - Added new item descriptions, Dwarf Fortress style, and Paintings.
Before 1.1.0 - First version, miscellaneous changes.

More name syllables for even more unpronounceable names.

There's a couple of bugs with my generator at the moment, that I will get round to fixing eventually. If you find any, please let me know - I'll keep a list down here for future reference.

No known issues at the moment.

Woo~ we're the third most popular generator on the forums next to the OTP gen and the Suggestion gen
Conclusion: Love and Cookies make you a popular person
Goodbye the old, and welcome the new.
The Fantasy Item Generator - Over 1.6e+117 Items
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