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Cookies made from Lucky effects and Reindeer

MasterSparkyMasterSparky Member, Internet Detective, Helpful, Flagger, Idle Game Master, Conversationalist Posts: 14,654 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited May 2014 in General Discussion
Paste this in your console and then whenever you get a Lucky golden cookie or click a reindeer a stat box will pop up saying how much you've made from those items since the code was entered.
Game.EarnedByLuckies=0; Game.EarnedByReindeer=0; eval("" +\t+)(Game.Earn\(moni\);)/, "\$1\$2\n\$1Game.EarnedByLuckies+=moni;\n\$1Game.ShowEarned();")) eval("" +\t+)(Game.Earn\(moni\);)/, "\$1\$2\n\$1Game.EarnedByReindeer+=moni;\n\$1Game.ShowReindeerRewards();")) l('seasonPopup')[Game.clickStr]; l('goldenCookie')[Game.clickStr]; Game.ShowEarned=function() { Game.Notify('Lucky rewards','You have earned a grand total of <b>'+Beautify(Game.EarnedByLuckies)+'</b> cookies from Lucky effects this session.',[10,1],4); } Game.ShowReindeerRewards=function() { Game.Notify('Reindeer rewards','You have earned a grand total of <b>'+Beautify(Game.EarnedByReindeer)+'</b> cookies from Reindeer this session.',[12,9],4); }
Unfortunately, these do not save, and this needs to be entered each time you load Cookie Clicker.
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