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Wall Destroyer

TelluriumTellurium Posts: 5,359Friendly, Cool, Idle Game Master, Conversationalist, Turquoise Mod
edited May 2016 in Games - Old
After 5 years almost 2 weeks* of work, it's ready to rock your world upside-down, backways and sides!

Coming soon now to a theater forum near you that is this one, it's.............. . .. . ; .
WALL DESTROYER, the game where you punch a wall:

Based on the gigantic three game sample size of idle games I've played on here, mine is the only one that has full graphics, so that's why you should play it! or at least it was when it came out (my graphics are still the best though gg overnabs)

I'm not accepting criticism because I'm the best Any criticism is welcome! (from anyone who actually has the patience to play all the way through this long-ass chuckle knucket)


You can find a script that allows you to export and import your save file here (Thanks to Zyzzyzus):

I highly recommend using it and backing up often ─ IGM has a way with save files and the magically disappearing of which.

The 2015 April Fool's update, Agent Johnson Edition, is playable here. Save files from the normal version are compatible.

*When it first came out.

Final note: Since I've been asked about this, I should put here that I'm totally fine with any sort of derivative stuff anyone wants to make off of this game. If you want, go for it!
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