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A change to the cheating achievement
  • LoliconLolicon
    Posts: 1Member
    As most of us know, the achievement "Cheated cookies taste awful" is obtained by cheating. Pretty easy to understand. Currently, it is a shadow achievement and does not help you in any way.

    What if it was changed so that instead of being a neutral achievement, it was a negative one. Like if you cheat, you automatically get this achievement and it gave a -1 to -10% reduction to your CpS. Even soft resetting would not get rid of it. Only a hard wipe would.

    Maybe it wouldn't even have to be an achievement. It could just be a little notification under the Special section.

    It's just something that could help deter cheating, but not completely break the game if you wanted too.

    Other smaller ideas:
    -Under the General section, change "Cookies baked (all time)" to "Cookies baked (This game)" .
    -Under the General section, change "Cookies forfeited by resetting" to "Cookies baked (All time).
    -Remove the Prestige section, and move heavenly chips to the Special section.
    -Remove the "Cookies in bank" from the General section. We already have it just to the left, above the cookie.
    -Under the General section, change "Game started" to "Time played (This game) and have it display as Day/Hour
    -If the above is done, under the General section, add "Time played (All time) and have it display as Day/Hour
  • ferraferra
    Posts: 902Member, Cool, Conversationalist
    There are methods to harvest more cookies without getting the achievement. I sympathize with cheaters a bit anyway, before the antimatter update and heavenly chip update, new purchases could take 11 hours or more, even farms had ridiculous prices.
  • Imaguy1337Imaguy1337
    Posts: 28Member
    Cheating isn't supposed to be deterred. I personally think the cookie should look like the cookie on the shadow achievement. :P

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