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News : Orteil loses conciseness over time!

pino_ppino_p Posts: 484Member ✭✭
edited March 2014 in General Discussion
My NES port of Cookie Clicker has to fit news ticker messages into two lines of text, each 24em wide. I've written a program that alerts me if a message won't fit in two lines, which usually happens if it's longer than about 80 characters. If it doesn't fit, I have to either reword the message or discard it.

So when I was going through the JavaScript code that sets up the news ticker, I found an interesting tendency in Orteil's writing over time: Messages associated with more recent updates (antimatter condenser, Halloween, Christmas, and especially prisms and Valentine's day) tend to run longer than older messages. And these longer messages tend to overflow the news ticker area at top center on a small (1024px wide) window unless I zoom out (Ctrl+mouse wheel). Here are examples of what I'm talking about:

News : new chocolate planet found, becomes target of cookie-trading spaceships!
News : 13 miners trapped in collapsed chocolate mine!
News : silver found to also be transmutable into white chocolate!
News : various historical figures inexplicably replaced with talking lumps of dough!
News : known universe now jammed with cookies! No vacancies!

News : "explain to me again why we need particle accelerators to bake cookies?" asks misguided local woman.
News : children around the world "lost and confused" as any and all Halloween treats have been replaced by cookies.
News : drama unfolds at North Pole as rumors crop up around Rudolph's red nose; "I may have an addiction or two", admits reindeer.
News : "Can't you sense the prism watching us?", rambles insane local man. "No idea what he's talking about", shrugs cookie magnate/government official.
News : love's in the air, according to weather specialists. Face masks now offered in every city to stunt airborne infection.
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