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Export/Import Save Bug

theyellowjellotheyellowjello Posts: 2Member
edited September 2013 in Bug Reports
when i exported a save, then imported it later, it had gotten rid of all my buildings, upgrades, and achievements, and instead gave me a random amount of cookies


  • ClickerofCookieClickerofCookie Posts: 271Member ✭✭
    No, it sold them.
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  • theyellowjellotheyellowjello Posts: 2Member
    if it did sell my buildings, that doesn't explain why i don't have any achievements
  • chibisabbathchibisabbath Posts: 3Member
    This happened to me too. I exported my save, imported it again, and all my buildings, achievements, and heavenly chips were gone. However, I noticed when I re-unlocked the first achievement in a series, the rest that I had already gained would be unlocked too. This worries me because I want my achievements for resetting at 1 trillion, but I don't want to reset and lose all my things AGAIN...
  • ost436ost436 Posts: 1Member
    happened to me too, exported then imported and lost buildings, achievements, and heavenly chips and all the heavenly upgrades
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