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Appeased grandmas with Wrinklers: the potential

QokoQoko Posts: 287Member ✭✭
edited March 2014 in General Discussion
For a while I've meddled with the discussion whether One Mind or Elder Pact is better, and what the impact is of switching seasons in either mode. It is well established that Elder Pact is ahead of One Mind when Reindeers are abused to the max, and whilst full idling due to more CpS from CB, Arcane Sugar and Elder Pact itself.

How would, theoretically, an appeased state of the apocalypse fair against Elder Pact? Aka, Elder Pledge with wrinklers.

I would say that by negating the chance of spawning a Wrath cookie means that Frenzy Luckies are way more common and the potential of Frenzy Click Frenzy increases. Meanwhile, Wrinklers are being Frenzied most of the time. As a negative effect, however, Elder Frenzies are completely out of the equation, so season switches are only useful for additional cookie upgrades (Valentine once, Halloween when popping wrinklers, Christmas otherwise).

It's basically comparing the mean ~10% gain from Elder Pact over One Mind to the potential of 100% Golden Cookies instead. I don't have a simulation or whatever, so I'm just posting it for discussion. Not sure if removing Wrath cookies from Elder Pact via an upgrade (hc unlockables, for example) has been suggested, but that's not really what I want, I'm just interested in the theory.
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