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Check out this generator for completely original books!

Reecer6Reecer6 Member Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in General Discussion
With this generator, you'll never have to think up an idea to write a book again! The highly advanced computational algorithms find the perfect trendy topics to write your next fictional novel on! Guaranteed to get you thousands of copies sold EVERY TIME!


  • basketofpuppiesbasketofpuppies Moderator, Friendly, Helpful Posts: 2,296 Mod
    This is what I got.
    "a Quest for The Miner" is about a mother who finds a purple sword with the help of a woman. They must overcome a female castle and face a morally gray god.

    The Creature generator is fun too.
    The Chauglap
    The chauglap is a tiny crawling animal that lives in caves. Its diet consists mainly of rotten meat. It has a purple wrinkled head with gray compound eyes and spikes embedded in a short, sickly blue body with no legs. Its skin is blue with rainbow-colored stripes.
    It is bioluminescent and its predators include the shoid, the ferpivax and the otrakodin.
  • dontrushdontrush Member Posts: 4
    edited March 2014
    "an Investigation for The Director" is about a hacker who kills a teenaged Declaration of Independence with the help of a soldier. They must overcome the old manor and face the evil wildlife.
    I think I found the plot for National Treasure 3.

    Anyone know why it doesn't capitalize "an"? Looking at the source code, it seems like it should. The [an] function seems to have odd behavior.
  • Reecer6Reecer6 Member Posts: 5
    edited March 2014
    dontrush said:

    Anyone know why it doesn't capitalize "an"? Looking at the source code, it seems like it should. The [an] function seems to have odd behavior.

    I know, I was confused by that for a bit. I guess [an] isn't considered a regular old variable, and follows unique rules that include not capitalizing ever.

    Also: Perhaps that's not the perfect plot for it, considering it's entirely possible to get a book titled National Treasure. But that's still pretty good.
  • Reecer6Reecer6 Member Posts: 5
    Just to bump this up, a number of different title formats and various words have been added to the dictionary since the last post. So, check it out! Perhaps you will get the rare and elusive... Actually existent book title? There are more than a few!
  • MajesticBudderCookieMajesticBudderCookie Member Posts: 108
    "Your Cookie" is about a blogger who kills a troubled boat with the help of the cybernetic tribesperson. They must overcome the last cave and face a dangerous wildlife.

    I like budder.

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