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OptiOpti Posts: 699Administrator, Game Dev, Server Operator Admin
edited June 2015 in Announcements
Titles on the forum are being replaced with badges.
Your full titles will still display on your profile.

Q: But Opti, I don't even have any title except "Member"!
A: There will be more badges to earn quite soon

Q: I have badges, but I can't see them!
A: Press CTRL + F5 to do a hard refresh

Conversationalist: image
"Never off track."

Friendly: image
"You're really nice, good for you! Good for everyone."

Helpful: image
"No lost save thread will go unanswered now!"

Cool: image
"You're too cool to care about badges either way."

Funny: image

Flagger: image
"Target acquired!"

Internet Detective: image

Idle Game Master: image
"GOTY! Possibly."

Banned: image
"Was it worth it?"

Wiener: image
"Who a what?"

Moderator: image
Administrator: image
Game Dev: image

All badges are awarded manually by administrators.
If you haven't gotten a badge yet, don't despair! You might be next.
Keep doing your best and someone will notice it.

All badges were designed by @Orteil.
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