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On a slightly (to totally) unrelated note.

ThisIsNotAnUserNameThisIsNotAnUserName Member Posts: 32
edited February 2014 in General Discussion
So I was trying to generate, somehow, large list of things to see if a script was working for anycase and, somehow, I ended up with this (this is a link) ans since it's a tiny bit related to nested I though I might share it to you, if never you're really into this kind of stuff.
If you think it's even a tiny bit cool as it is (whatever his state might be when you see it) do not hesitate say so, and if you want to help me make it even better somehow don't hesitate to say so, anything could help.

Also, on an even more unrelated note:
The page could take ages to load for (very) low ended PC, generation take time.
I can't protect anything on this site, so if it got replaced by random things or deleted well too bad, it's free to edit anyways.
It is hosted via a total hack unattended feature, and I only tested it for chrome/FF, so if it doesn't work it's "normal".
For the administration I think it belong here rather than the Games subforum/IGM forum.


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