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Games - Rules & Guidelines

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Games Rules:
  • This sub-category is designed to post your self-created games made with IGM.
  • Use a proper thread title. It's a good idea to title your thread the same as your game.
  • You can, if you made multiple games, use one thread to list all of them.
  • Treat your threads as project pages. Threads only containing a pasted link are not interesting and will be moderated.
  • It's courteous to keep a changelog in your thread so others can see what your latest edits are.
  • Try to be constructive when giving feedback on someone's game.
  • You're allowed to reference your own game in another game's thread. However, hijacking the thread is not allowed.
  • You're not allowed to make multiple threads about the same game.
  • Programming/theme/time challenges and collections belong in the Developer's Lounge.
  • Don't create threads for games that others made. If you found something worth sharing that you didn't make, use the Developer's Lounge.
  • You're allowed to create new threads for project forks.
  • If you wish to discuss tips and tricks in general; please go here.
  • If you want to post a bug or a feature suggestion; please go here
Global Rules:
This is an English-speaking forum. Please do not post in other languages.

1. Before you post:
  • Read all the stickies.
  • If you have a question or a problem; check other topics, announcements and use the search function to see if your issue hasn't already been answered.
2. When you post
  • Title your thread correctly. Poorly titled threads will be moderated.
  • Don't hotlink images. Use an image host. Imgur is a good one.
3. Inappropriate content
  • When you post a NSFW image you may not embed it. You can only use a link and clearly label it as NSFW.
  • Advertising is not allowed. However, links to modifications etc. are allowed.
  • Spamming is not allowed.
  • Bumping old threads for no reason is considered spam.
  • Put some effort into your posts. Making posts like "FIRST" is considered spam.
4. Signatures
  • Your signature may not be higher than 100 pixels, this includes images.
  • Your signature will automatically be cropped if it exceeds this limit.
  • NSFW images are not allowed in signatures.
5. Listen to moderators
  • They are here to keep the forum clean and safe.
  • If they tell you to do something, you should do it.
Failing to follow the rules can result in your content being removed, temporary bans or permanent bans.
If you think someone is breaking the rules with their post, you can flag it.
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