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Low FPS mode

keturnketurn Member Posts: 2
edited September 2013 in Suggestions

There is no reason this needs to run at 30 FPS when particle effects are off, and there's enough text rendering and alpha compositing going on that it uses a fair bit of CPU.

I've got a function here I use to lower the FPS, but to be complete I think the FPS needs to be stored in the save data, or timers like pledgeT and researchT need to be stored in seconds instead of ticks.

var lowFPS = function (Game) { var origFPS = Game.fps, newFPS = 4; var ratio = newFPS / origFPS; // FIXME: Resetting FPS mid-game may distort various counters, including including research // and pledges. Game.fps = newFPS; Game.baseResearchTime = Math.round(Game.baseResearchTime * ratio); Game.goldenCookie.delay = Math.round(Game.goldenCookie.delay * ratio); Game.frenzy = Math.round(Game.frenzy.delay * ratio); Game.clickFrenzy = Math.round(Game.clickFrenzy * ratio);"FPS lowered."); };


  • SellymeSellyme Member Posts: 157
    I definitely agree, there's no reason for the game to consume unnecessary resources, especially if it's idling overnight. It isn't too high priority, as pretty much any computer should be able to run it with all particle effects turned off, but since you've done half the work it shouldn't be too much hassle to implement.
  • ClickerofCookieClickerofCookie Member Posts: 271
    High/Medium/Low Quality buttons? Anyone?
    I am the master of cursors. Cursors are everything. Cursors are love, cursors are life. I've said the word "cursors" so many times it sounds weird now.

  • BobBob Member Posts: 283 ✭✭
    When I turn all the current settings off, I can run it JUST fine, while watching 1080p youtube videos with a high quality stream running in the background. On a $250 chromebook.

    It'd definitely be useful, but if a $250 chromebook can run it without it affecting performance in the slightest, I don't think it's too high priority. Although, he's already implemented something similar to this. So it's not too far out of reach for him to further implement it.
  • bananapartymanbananapartyman Member Posts: 8

    High/Medium/Low Quality buttons? Anyone?

    I think that would be the best option rather than just lower the FPS to everyone
  • JacknoobXJacknoobX Member Posts: 7

    High/Medium/Low Quality buttons? Anyone?

    Yes please
  • kingneutronkingneutron Member Posts: 5
    --I will add to this and say that the slowest thing on everyone's PC is the screen :)

    --Updating the cookie count at only 2x/second would speed the game up quite a bit, just sayin'
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