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the Evil COW (LGameMaker13's forum game!!!) based on Cow Clicker

LGameMaker13LGameMaker13 Posts: 51Member
this game is about an evil cow you gotta defeat! (planned to be an event in cow clicker but no) PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

you can be an ORC (stats:
3 dmg-1 intel-5 hp-5 agility-0 magic-0 science

4 magic dmg-4 intel-5 hp-4 agility-4 magic-3 science

a ROBOT (can only be used if gain 8 exp)
4 dmg-2 intel-10 hp-1 agility-0 magic-2 science

or a SPEEDY:
2 dmg-3 intel-4.5 hp-6 agility-1 speed magic-0 science
exp: can be gained from each dmg you deal to the cow. gain 10 exp: you can use the ROBOT once.

character attacks:
ORC: punch-3 dmg-1 agility smash-4 dmg-2 agility rock-3 dmg-1 agility
WITCH: fire-2 dmg-1 agility ice-4 dmg-2 agility blast-3 dmg-1 agility
ROBOT: ultra burn-6 dmg-1 agility
SPEEDY: zip-3 dmg-2 agility quick attack-2 dmg-1 agility fast heal-+3 hp to team-4 agility

evil cow: is evil! has 20 hp-1 dmg. he is not really affected by the attacks: ice,rock,and zip, meaning that those attacks do -1 dmg.

when agility goes to 0: when that happens, you cannot attack for 2 more turns. when those 2 turns are over, you gain your agility back.

switching: if your character dies, you have to switch to another character, but half the damage your previous character did turns into hp for the evil cow. If you run out of characters to switch into, then you have to wait out. you can support by healing one player by 2 every other turn, though. you cam come back into the game in 3 turns.

when the cow dies: another cow comes in, and your characters gain +1 of each category (dmg, hp, magic, intel, etc.). there are ten waves. if everyone quits, data will be saved and if players come, i will resume the last playthrough.

------COW STATS------
cow 1: 20 hp-1 dmg
cow 2: 25 hp-2 dmg
cow 3: 35 hp-3 dmg
cow 4: 45 hp-4 dmg
cow 5: 55 hp-5 dmg
(that's it until cow 1 dies)

------Cow Clicker info------
(it's my game)
(you can play it by looking at the latest discussions)

no cheating
no attacking other players
play fair
no playing two characters at a time
have fun
ONLY DO THE MOVE YOU CHOOSE's dmg (like if you do punch, it does the amount of dmg on it's description)
i choose who is the cow and if you aren't pls don't be mad.
oh and up to...infinite players and you can get in any time. more characters and stuff coming soon!

-sciency moves for characters with science
-new character (teaser: Studier)
-should i let u guys do your own moves or keep the current ones?
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