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LGameMaker13: Back with an...old game? (game is fixed now!!!)

LGameMaker13LGameMaker13 Posts: 51Member
edited August 3 in Games - Old
Hi! You may not know and think "Why the heck did i doooo this?" well, it started when i got an idea for a game thanks to the Video Game Generator. (a game where you hire businessmen to kill water people.) but i gave up on it. Then i saw the old IGM, so i made THIS game with it. I'd say it's a start. So, the link is h ttps://

The other game link is (!warning contains language!) h ttps://
(still can't post links)

Warning! Businessman game currently not working right now: unknown reason! So, just play the new game or something else for now!

Paint Daint 1.1 Update
-Added a timer and 2 new achievements!
-Also working on the next version (2.0.0 which is an entire new game) for Paint Daint
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