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My favorite Games!

LGameMaker13LGameMaker13 Posts: 51Member
Now, I personally have a LOT of favorite games in IGN, and in this chat I'll be showing my top 5.

1-Peanut Butter Cupper V9, This game is! It's FABULOUS, and a masterpiece! The achievements, the chocolate and peanut butter, everything! Amazing game.

2-Apple Clicker, Now, I like apples AND clicking games, so this game is another great one. Great job!

3-InfDev 1.0.0, Ooh, is that Jevil? This game features some of my favorite game characters like Jevil and Lancer. (It's just a simple numbers game!)

4-Donut Clicker, Here's what I have to say-Donututututututut Donu Donu DONUTS!!! (Good game)

5-Who knows! I'm sure there's one more game out there that can inspire me! I just have to find it. (leave some recomendations in the comments below if you'd like.)
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