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Legend of Draconia World Forge development

BladeSkydancerBladeSkydancer Posts: 4Member
Hello, I'm Blade Skydancer and I'm trying my hand at IGM with an idea given to me by a good friend. It basically boils down to you being a god, creating a world for Dragons, which then give you Mana to allow you to create more Land for them. The core mechanics I'm currently trying to create are: Dragons create Mana (done), Having more than 1 Dragon allows them to breed and increase their population (working on), and Lands have a maximum amount of Space that can hold dragons comfortably, which will gradually clamp down their birthrate as they become overcrowded (not working on)

Since I can't post links yet, here's the pastebin ID for my source: UpcSrHeu

So what I'm currently working on is trying to get the dragons to breed. I had it for a moment, but while trying to correct an unintended behavior(the dragons were breeding way faster than I wanted them to), I seem to have broken it again. What I want to happen is, for these young adult dragons, they add 0.1 to a hidden resource that, when it ticks up to 100, drains and adds a new young adult dragon.


  • BladeSkydancerBladeSkydancer Posts: 4Member
    An update: I've now got the Young Adult Red Flame Dragon able to breed, but now having trouble getting it to actually spawn the next age category. It uses the exact same method I have implemented for the breeding, just a simple timer resource that ticks up, his a threshold, then drains back down and makes a new dragon. The problem is...the aged up dragon doesn't spawn at all for whatever reason.
  • BladeSkydancerBladeSkydancer Posts: 4Member
    Update: Finally figured out the breeding and growth timers; they work beautifully when they tick up a secondary 'hidden' resource that deletes itself on earn and adds the required dragon(or egg). Speaking of, dragons now start out as eggs, then hatch into children, and grow into lesser dragons. More to come.
  • LGameMaker13LGameMaker13 Posts: 18Member
    Huh. Your game sounds like it's pretty good. Well, hope you continue to expand it later, BladeSkydancer! (i have also made a game. Check it out if you'd like. In the Games section.)
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