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[suggestion] legacy

Ok so i thought we should have a new thing where you can add a legacy bar and legacy upgrades. of course you can probably make it but i think it would be easier to just add it as a command like if i want to add a legacy side to my game i would put;
*[box key name]
name:[name of the legacy][default might just be legacy]
desc:[description of the legacy]
legacy level increase:[percentage increase of the required resources to level up][default might be 110% or 120%]
start:[the 1st level of the legacy][can use specific resources if you want multiple legacy's][can use buildings]
texture:[texture of the bar][can be edited with css]
bonus:[percent increase of resource yield][multiplicative]
bonus all [all spent or saved levels give the bonus], bonus available [all unspent levels give bonus the effect]
reset:[reset anything back to 0 when bought][can just use "all" to reset everything instead of typing every thing out][can use "all but (thing)"]
the bonus can be effected by passive upgrades such as (passive:increase bonus percent of [legacy name] by [amount]). there can also be more than one legacy if you want if you have got different resources or just want to reset a certain thing as a sort of prestige for a building or resource to make it "gold" or "platinum". now i thought about the shop for legacy and should be on a separate screen when reseted. this would be the code for the upgrades;
*[key name]
name:[name of the upgrade]
dsec:[description of the upgrade]
cost:[cost in available levels]
passive:[effect of what happens]
icon:[icon of the upgrade]
req:[the requirement to get the upgrade]
location:[co-ordinate of the icon][0,0 is the centre of the shop][each 1 unit of the co-ordinate is the size of the icon size]
link:[line between 2 upgrades or more][separated with a comma]
if there is anything u want to add or remove from here let me know!
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