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How do I get a 1% of a special resource on the button with an upgrade?

ARandomDragonARandomDragon Posts: 4Member
I'm making an idle game, and I've been searching the Bunny Clicker pastebin for some answer to how the %1 chance of a golden carrot works on the upgrade. I need to use it on the game I'm making, which is currently in development. I can't paste links yet, so here's the ending of my pastebin code: 0XRCSGnt


  • electroidelectroid Posts: 6Member
    ok, so make the upgrade and dont put any other passive effects unless u want more. then just do:

    on click:if (have [upgrade name] and chance(1%)) yield 1 [other resource].

    thats pretty much it
  • ARandomDragonARandomDragon Posts: 4Member
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