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Day/Night System by Agentperson

AgentpersonAgentperson Posts: 39Member ✭✭
While I was working on a clicker game, I thought "This Time thingy is so great, I should share it with other people ASAP!" (Ok, not exactly that, but it's the same concept) and you know the rest of the story. I don't know if someone already did this (there are alot of threads in the IGM part of the forum) but here it is.
(This uses the 24 Hour Clock (For convenience). If you would like to use a 12 Hour one, just edit the code.)
*Time name:The Time desc:Tells you the time. start with:6 on tick:if (Second=60) yield 1 Time on tick:if (Time=6) yield 1 Day on tick:if (Time=6) lose Night on tick:if (Time=20) yield 1 Night on tick:if (Time=20) lose Day on tick:if (Time=24) lose Time *Second on tick:yield 1 Second always hidden *Day name:It is Day Time start with:1 /*You can also start off you IGM game at Night, just don't have 1 of both at the same time (You can if you want to, but it's just a bad idea)*/ hidden when 0 on tick:if (Day>1) lose 1 Day *Night name:It is Night Time hidden when 0 on tick:if (Night>1) lose 1 Night
Now that you have a Time System, you can make certain buildings/upgrades only work during the Day/Night, or do something else that uses this.
Here's an example
*Worker name:Worker|Workers desc:This is an example. req:1 Day //Because the requirements of this, it can only be bought during the day cost:15 Cash on tick:if (Day>=1) yield 1 IceCream //The worker will only give you Ice Cream if it is day time.

Have fun using this!
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