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the Forest of Birds

QuentinPlaysMCQuentinPlaysMC Posts: 814Member ✭✭✭
edited May 14 in Playground
This may or may not be a pitiful attempt to revive this forum.

Welcome to tFoB! A forum game that is absolutely not a shitty clone of DND!

In this game, you move around the map, fight people, and collect random objects, all for your own profit!


This is the map:

Map Key

Green outline = Forest
Red outline = Town/City
Number = Spawn point
Cosmic outline = um?
Orange dot = Loot!
Green test tube: The biggest research facility in the forest! Scientists love to come here and research everything they can. New discoveries may have large implications!
Cookie: Totally not a forum minigame ripped off from another forum game. Nope! Definitely not!
Yellow sword and shield: The arena, for fighting random shit.

Character instructions:

Each character starts out with 5 "stat points" they can use to increase any of their statistics.


Max Hp (Your maximum health.)
Strength (Damage modifier.)
Smarts (How well you can assess a situation and investigate things.)
Dexterity (Your mobility, and your ability to doge attacks.)
Magic (Your knowledge in magic, affects spells and such.)

When you join the game you will be given a random item based on your stats.
I will be using an RNG program to decide outcomes, and these stats will tilt the odds in your favor.

*races, which i'll get into in a moment, have varied base stats.


Sapi: Humanoid, destructive creatures. Skin color varies from a pale beige to dark brown, no tail, rounded ears, no horns, hair with no known limits to length that can be black, blonde, brown, or orange, two eyes in the middle(vertical) of their face. Base stats: MaxHp: 4, Str: 3, Sma: 2, Dex: 1, Mag: 0

Vini(not to be confused with the forum member): Humanoid, kind creatures. Nearly identical to Sapi, but with pointed ears and hair that's always black. Base stats: MaxHP: 5, Str: 0, Sma: 2, Dex: 1, Mag: 2.

Serenity: Humanoid, mysterious creatures. Two to four eyes, usually near the middle of the face. Horns of varying shape and color. Skin can be one of many colors, usually of a pale shade. Long tail. Rounded ears. Hair that can be blue, green or black. Base stats: MaxHP: 5, Str: 1, Sma: 5, Dex: 0, Mag: 0

Mimic: Shapeshifting, dangerous creatures. Can take virtually any appearance they want. Base stats: MaxHP: 3, Str: 0, Sma: 2, Dex: 1, Mag: 3 (hp, str, and dex may change based on form taken. Can change form once every 3 rounds)

How to write your character:
Other info (optional. Things like gender/personality/moral alignment/etc.)
Hex code (You will appear as a colored dot on the map. Make sure you're distinguishable from other players!)
Spawnpoint (1-6, corresponding to numbers on the map)
Appearance info
Stat bonuses (example: +1 maxhp, +3 str, +1 mag) (Max of 5 total)

You may take up to 2 actions per 'round', unless you are in battle, then you can only take 1 action.
Examples of actions:

Combat system

For hit: RNG 1-20 +str +weapon hit chance
If the roll is more than enemy dex + 10
it deals 1 + (str/5, round down) + weapon dmg bonus damage

For flee: Both fighters: RNG 1-20 + dex
If the fleeing fighter's roll is better than the other fighter's roll, the flee is successful, otherwise not.

To get started, just write out your character info!
why are you here? why am I here? were we created in the same way that we created them?
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  • ManiklasManiklas Posts: 2,874Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 28
    Jonas (real name unknown)
    Actual gender unknown, pretends to be male. Usually pretends to be just another serenity, however it is actually a mimic. It is very cautious with it's identity and explains it's shapeshifting as being the result of a freak magic accident.
    Spawn NO.4
    As I said, usually pretends to be a normal male serenity with pale blueish skin slightly darker blue hair and two white horns. It has 2 eyes and a slightly shorter than average tail.
    +3 smarts, +2 magic

    EDIT: Realized I forgot the name
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  • QuentinPlaysMCQuentinPlaysMC Posts: 814Member ✭✭✭
    Sorry it took a while to reply. Kinda forgot about this place.

    You Find yourself at spawn 4, not recalling how you arrived. To your east is the cosmic border, a deep chasm in the ground that takes the appearance of the night sky. To the southwest is an abandoned dragon's den filled with potential treasure.

    You start with a Cyberpunk Magic staff, its primary attack deals a base of RNG 1-5 damage. It has a secondary ability to teleport you to a random, nearby, non-hostile location.

    HP: 4/3 temp: 4 (form bonus)
    Level: 1
    0 Str temp: 1 (Form bonus)
    5 Sma
    1 Dex
    5 Maj
    Cyberpunk Magical Staff. 1-5 DMG, secondary: Warp to saftey.

    MAP (I lost the file so i had to redraw it)
    why are you here? why am I here? were we created in the same way that we created them?
  • ManiklasManiklas Posts: 2,874Member ✭✭✭
    I'll go investigate the shaft, it has an interesting "color"
  • QuentinPlaysMCQuentinPlaysMC Posts: 814Member ✭✭✭
    Maniklas said:

    I'll go investigate the shaft, it has an interesting "color"

    What? I haven't mentioned any 'shafts' yet. Are you referring to the staff you started with?
    why are you here? why am I here? were we created in the same way that we created them?
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