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Daily Bad Ideas #3: Flatbread-verse

ZonefrogZonefrog Posts: 25Member ✭✭
Whoo! I decided to start a daily idea posting, because this thread seems pretty dead, and I wanted to help revive it. That said, these probably wont be quite daily, and the ideas are thrown together rather quickly, so some of them might be... dumb. That said, here we go!


this would be the mini-game for portals, an alternate universe to cookie clicker, where collect flatbread by pressing either the R or the E key (it will display which one to press). Several upgrades there add keys to the list of possible keys that you can press, but increase your flatbread per click. Each portal level gives +1% flatbread per activation.

There are no buildings in the flatbread-verse, and very few ways of producing "fps", or flatbread per second. Instead, it encourages a very active play style.

Your flatbread-verse persists across ascensions.

There will be a few upgrades in the flatbread-verse that effect your normal cookie-clicker area. Additionally, there are achievements for getting certain amounts of flatbread in your bank.

Specific ideas:


-Flat Bread: have 1 flatbread.
-Bread pile: have 100 flatbread.
-Bread horde: have 1000 flatbread.
-Bread stockpile: have 10,000 flatbread
-Bread planet: have 100,000 flatbread.
-If you have so much flatbread that it makes a round planet, is it still FLATbread?: have 1 million flatbread.
-Round bread: have 10 million flatbread.
-Lord of baking: have 100 million flatbread. #Flavor text: In another world you sow your influence, known by another name: the one True Baker in the Sky.


-Capital flatness: unlocks once you type a rare, 100x efficiency capital letter. costs 777 flatbread. Capital letters are twice as common.
-Flat-out power: unlocks once you type 7 rare, 100x efficiency capital letter. costs 7777 flatbread. Capital letters are twice as common.

-The real T: unlocks once you have the flat bread achievement. costs 100 flatbread. Adds "T" to your letter pool, doubles flatbread output.
-Basic lettering I: unlocks once you have the bread pile achievement. costs 2000 flatbread. Adds "F" to your pool, doubles flatbread output.
-Basic lettering II: unlocks once you have the bread horde achievement. costs 20000 flatbread. Adds "B" to your pool, doubles flatbread output.

-Stubborn ways: unlocks when you've clicked 25 time or more on the flatbread (this doesn't do anything.) costs 1 flatbread. Cursors and clicking are twice as efficient.
-Otherworldly aging: unlocks once you've had the flatbread mini-game unlocked for 24 or more hours. costs 10 flatbread. Grandmas are 4 times as efficient.
-The cycle of flatbread: unlocks when you've spent 20,000 flatbread. costs 100 flatbread. farms are twice as efficient. Decaying plants have a 4% chance to spawn a golden cookie.
-Otherworld relic: whenever you type a letter for flatbread, you have a % chance to unlock this upgrade equal the the % of your overall production that your mines produce. costs 1000 flatbread. mines are twice as efficient. You gain +1 flatbread per second for each 50 mines you own.
-Altered priorities: unlocks once you spend 5 or more hours in the flatbread mini-game. costs 10,000 flatbread. Factories are twice as efficient. You gain +1% cps for every 50 factories you have.
-New capital investments: type 30 or more capital letters. costs 100,000 flatbread. Banks are twice as efficient. Whenever you type a capital letter, spawn a golden cookie.
-The many False Eaters in the Earth: unlocks once you have 66666 flatbread. costs 1 million flatbread. Temples are twice as efficient. Unlocks "Amthreon of the other world" for your pantheon. Effects: no matter which slot its the same: multiply all numbers of other deities you have equipped by -1.
-Arcane bread: unlocks once you have 5 or more other upgrades purchased. costs 10 million flatbread. Wizard towers are twice as efficient. You get +5% more mana.
-Superfuel gluten: unlocks once you have types letters 1000 or more times. costs 100 million flatbread. Shipments are twice as efficient. typing letters give your shipments +1% cookie production for 5 seconds.
-Cookies-to-flatbread: unlocks once you have more flatbread than cookies for 10 or more seconds. costs 1 billion flatbread. Alchemy labs are twice as efficient. You can spend 100 flatbread to gain 10 min of your cps.
-Critical mass: unlocks once you have 66666666 flatbread. costs 10 billion flatbread. your portals are twice as efficient. You flatbread production is 8 times as efficient.

Thats all i could come up with for building upgrades. Any ideas for time machine, antimatter condenser, prism, chancemaker, or fractal engine are welcome.


  • RadicalRobotRadicalRobot Posts: 39Member ✭✭
    might use this for an igm game if i can. i will give credit.
    Stay Radical!
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