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Daily Bad Ideas #2: Depths

ZonefrogZonefrog Posts: 25Member ✭✭
Whoo! I decided to start a daily idea posting, because this thread seems pretty dead, and I wanted to help revive it. That said, these probably wont be quite daily, and the ideas are thrown together rather quickly, so some of them might be... dumb. That said, here we go!


This would be the minigame for mines.

At each level, you will have access to one more ritual that summons a boss. Bosses drop one of a few possible upgrades. If you have all of them, none will drop. If you buy one of the upgrades, it can later be dropped again. Rituals may cost cookies, or other things as well. Rituals have a cooldown timer, and it reduces the more mines that you have.

Bosses circle around your cookie, attacking it, dealing numerous types of damage, such as destroying buildings, giving clots, or eating your cookies, heavenly chips or milk. Once the resource that they are attacking is depleted, they will wander off, and you will get no loot. They will have differing attack patterns, to try and make them interesting to fight.

Additionally, unlike wrinklers, they have a set loot output. This makes it so the best strategy is to kill them as fast as possible, and farming does not occur.

Ideas for bosses:

lvl. 1:

Gorger Demon:

Ritual: sacrifice 100 mines, give yourself a 30-minute clot.

Health: 100 clicks.

Regeneration: 1 click per second if not clicked for 3 seconds.

Movement: Attacks the cookie slowly, if clicked, will flee back away. If continuously clicked, will approach the cookie again. Clicking the cookie will lure it closer.

Attack type: cookies. 12 seconds of your cps per second. Will flee once you reach 0 cookies.

- Demon claws: 10 min. of cps - your clicks deal twice as much damage. If your click damage is 16 or more, gain 1 click damage instead.
- Crown from the deep: 10 min. of cps - mines are 3% more efficient.
- Wrath staff: 10 min. of cps. - for 30 min. your gold cookies are wrath cookies instead. They are 5% more likely to be lucky. (At this stage of the game, the player will have no other access to wrath cookies)
- Unholy circlet: 10 min. of cps - the next ritual you preform has all of its requirements halved.

lvl. 2:

Molten Destroyer:

Ritual: Have 1000 or more buildings. Sacrifice half of them at random. Reduce your cookies to 0.

Health: (1000 - the # of buildings you have) clicks.

Regeneration: 1000 clicks per second.

Movement: Attacks the cookie. Clicking it will cause it to spit out buildings that you have a least one of at random, to a max of 500 buildings. The closer you are to exactly 550 buildings, the more likely this is to aimlessly wander about. Once you have no buildings, will flee.

Attack type: It will destroy a building every 2 seconds in contact. Once you have no buildings, will flee.

- Hammer of creation: 30 min of cps - build 5 of a random building that you have at least 1 of.
- Molten blade: 30 min of cps - your next click does 10 times as much damage. If you kill a wrinkler with it, you get 10 times as many cookies from it.
- Slag wafers: 30 min of cps - cps +7%.
- Grand reconstruction: 30 min of cps - regain all of the buildings that you sold or that were destroyed in the last 5 minutes, to a max of 500 of each building.

Any ideas for later levels would be appreciated, including a wrinkler - themed boss.
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