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Daily Bad Ideas #1: Subreality

ZonefrogZonefrog Posts: 25Member ✭✭
Whoo! I decided to start a daily idea posting, because this thread seems pretty dead, and I wanted to help revive it. That said, these probably wont be quite daily, and the ideas are thrown together rather quickly, so some of them might be... dumb. That said, here we go!


a new building, past fractal engines. These are pocket customizable universes on the inside of a singularity from a black hole. The building would have a gate to this universe, which has been set to be composed of pure cookies, down to a subatomic level.


Heightened pressure - increases the density of the cookies in the subreality, causing them to surge out faster.
Self-split cookies - the cookies automatically break in half outside the gate, causing them to twice as many cookies.
Chocolate singularity - you produce the black holes using large amounts of compacted chocolate, making cookies both cookies and chocolate at the same time.
White chocolate holes - white holes, but chocolate.
Gravity reversal - reverses gravity to destroy a black hole into all of its components, cookies.
Milky green holes - the forgotten variant of black holes, recreated by you.
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