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Tropical plants

ZonefrogZonefrog Posts: 25Member ✭✭
The idea is that there are a few tropical plants that are hard to grow, and have weird effects.

- tropical plants can be produced by cross-breeding plants. They do not drop seeds.
- instead, when harvested, they will add to your tropical log, containing how to breed it, what it does, its growing requirements. This is separate from the seed log, and once the tropical log is complete, it can be sacrificed to the chocolate ants for 20 sugar lumps. These logs are not needed for the main log to be complete to sacrifice to the sugar hornets.
- every tropical plant that you have a log of is 10% easier to breed
- at 400 farms, tropical sand soil is available, boosting tropical plant growth and sprouting by 10%, and reducing weed growth by 75%. 6 minute ticks.
- weeds will overtake tropical plants more easily than other plants.
- tropical plants will drop an "upgrade" when harvested with some sort of one-time, weird effect. You can hold up to 3 of each unpurchased upgrade at a time.
- tropical plants have a very short mature window to be harvested in.


- Ice clover:
produced by crossbreeding golden clover with a cheapcap
grows in 80 ticks
while the garden is frozen, this will grow as normal. While the garden is unfrozen, this will act frozen.
drops "freezing tonic" - costs 1 hour of cps - all current wrinklers are stored away, until you want them again. double their current eatings when they return.

- Bulb of duality:
produced by crossbreeding everdaisy and elderwort
grows in 120 ticks
every 10 ticks, swaps between "night" and "day" mode.
if this tries to grow at night, and the grandmatriarchs are appeased, it dies.
if this tries to grow during the day, and the grandmatriarchs are not appeased, it dies.
drops holy extract or evil serum - swaps every 10 growth ticks:
"evil serum" - costs 36 minutes of cps - the grandmatriarchs become angered, summon 10 wrinklers, summon 3 wrath cookies.
"holy extract" - costs 65 minutes of cps - the grandmatriarchs become appeased, summon 5 reindeer and 3 gold cookies. Auto-tick your garden 10 times.

- Hungry chompjaw:
produced by crossbreeding meddleweed and shreikbulb
grows in 65 ticks
every 5 ticks, this will devour an adjacent, mature plant. if it cannot, it dies.
drops "chompjaw acid" - costs 5 min of cps - sell all of the building you have the most of for 125% purchase price.

- Anti-baker's wheat:
produced randomly in an empty garden while the building that you have the most of is the antimatter condenser.
grows in 100 ticks
if there are ever any other plant types in the garden when this grows, destroy all plants in the garden.
while growing, weeds are 200% more common.
drops "anti-cookies" - costs 0 cookies - for 1 minute, all effects from harvesting plants have their numbers each multiplied by -1. (examples: baker's wheat gives you -1% cps, brown mold gives you +1% cps)

post any ideas you have, as there would have to be more to balance sacrificing your tropical log to the chocolate ants.
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