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Buildings owned as a resource?

andypandyandypandy Posts: 3Member
I want to have a resource that is simply number of buildings owned (with a specific tag). I thought of 2 ways it could work, but I'm new to this so I couldn't get them to work.
The first was just to have the resource be number of buildings, but that gets weird with spending it and other ideas I had for it.
The other was that buying a building immediately gives 1 of the resource, but that gets weird with selling buildings.


  • IronDudeIronDude Posts: 11Member ✭✭
    Step 1) Make resource, hereby defined as N
    Step 2) Make it hidden when 0, etc if needed.
    Step 3) In the building key-thing, add "on click: Yield 1 N"
    Step 4) You are win
    I am the CHAOSINATOR!!11!
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