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Mine Clicker

Evil_DrakeEvil_Drake Posts: 7Member
Here a first version of my game. I'm working for add more ahievements and upgrades. If you see bugs or if you have suggestions for my game, go see my other forum for Mine Clicker.(Copy and paste the link and remove the space after the h.)
h ttp://
I hope you will enjoy!


  • IronDudeIronDude Posts: 11Member ✭✭
    Is it just me or does nothing have an Icon?
    I am the CHAOSINATOR!!11!
  • Evil_DrakeEvil_Drake Posts: 7Member
    edited April 27
    IronDude said:

    Is it just me or does nothing have an Icon?

    Most of buildings have one icon, icons are just too big. I'm lazy to find smaller icons.
  • Eye9Eye9 Posts: 26Member ✭✭
    1. the bronze mine is inaccurate and can be repurposed
    2. on what you said, you can edit the images you got to make them fit
    3. ^^you also need a button icon and upgrade icons
    Nothing to see here, move on now.
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