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The Adventures of Guy Man: The Next Chapter (An interactive adventure powered by YOUR suggestions!)

CookiefanclubCookiefanclub Posts: 601Member, Friendly ✭✭✭
Hello! Remember me? Probably not! I started The Adventures of Guy Man in 2014 as an interactive story that was driven by the suggestions of you. However, I eventually had to go without decent enough internet for a while, and then inklewriter, the site the adventure was made on, announced that it would be shutting down in 2018. So I gave the story a temporary "finale", planning to bring it back in a new thread after finding a new place to host it. And I did! The Adventures of Guy Man is back, and is now accessible on MS Paint Fan Adventures!

I know I said earlier that the story would now be run "exclusively in this forum", but I decided MSPFA was a better fit for it, as I am aware that this forum is dying, and this will allow me to continue the adventure elsewhere if it doesn't work out here. Also, I'm pretty sure less than ten people here actually saw the finale.

Like before, I need your help to suggest what your next action will be in this story! I'll draw the pictures and narrate for you. Check out the link to MSPFA to get caught up with the story so far. Because the forum is very inactive, I will wait 7 days for the first suggestion. If I don't get one from here or MSPFA by then, I suppose I'll just continue the story elsewhere.

Anyway... let the adventure continue!

You are standing in a white void doing nothing. There is an open doorway in front of you. What will you do next?


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