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There can be only one, one of each building!

I am seeing how long it takes to get one of each building with only one of each building. Each building is at level 1 and no upgrades. This is my first ascension. I will click the golden cookie and I do have all the slots filled in the Pantheon. I will occasionally farm and cast spells but only rarely. In other words, I don't do anything that will permanently increase my CPS other than buying building and upgrading them to level 1. I did buy a second Grandma only so I could sell her to get the "just wrong" achievement. I also accidentally bought a second clicker and a bank (I think) but quickly sold them. At this point I only need the Fractal Engine. I have about 50 quadrillion cookies and I am making 33.396 billion cookies per second and I need 310 quadrillion cookies. My calculations say is should take me about 115 more days.
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