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Roleplay thingie

IceDragon1235IceDragon1235 Posts: 18Member
This is my first time starting a rp in a forum so don't judge please...
To join the rp, just do this:

Class: Melee, Magic, Ranged
Power: Choose a power or choose to not have a power.
Appearance: Put as much as you want here, you have to have at least one sentence. You can specify strengths or weaknesses here as well.

There is an EXP and leveling system. Level one at 100 EXP, Level 2 at 300 EXP, Level 3 at 600 EXP, so on. just add 100 of what level you are on. This may make it real tricky further up so I may have to rework it later.

At level 3 you can choose you class. At level 5 you can grow more specifically in one area, and at level 10. The final classes are available at level 50 because they increase your power greatly.
I will add an upgrade tree to this original post when I make one, and if I need to tweak other details I will on this post.
one could say i'm an idiot
one could also say i'm a genius
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