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Icon Adjusting Question

So basically, I'm at the stage of inserting icons in my game, although, I have encountered an issue when my icon from "Imgur" is displayed on the game and it somewhat creates a clone of the image and puts it under itself. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue or knows how to fix this? (I'm new, just adding that because this could have an easy fix)


  • AgentpersonAgentperson Posts: 39Member ✭✭
    edited March 25
    Yes, I personally have encountered this. Try changing the size of your image.
    (Changing the size on Imgur doesn't change the size in the IGM game)

    If you have more questions about icons, ask me. If they are not about the icons, ask someone else because I am also new.
  • SoUlFaThErSoUlFaThEr Posts: 66Member ✭✭
    the engine expects 48x48 pixel images for the icons.....buttons and shinies are different...also you get 2 different links from imagur......the "direct link" is the one you want.....but its far better to work with a sprite sheet because you can overlay icons over icons......frames over an image...or a number and a frame over an image

    you can as an alternative change that size with custom big was your icon?
  • PerriPerriBeefPerriPerriBeef Posts: 3Member
    Thanks guys, the problem was an incorrect size of the image.
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