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NaN cookies

DefourthkittenDefourthkitten Posts: 2Member
My cookie display says NaN cookies. I suddenly am able to buy as many things as I want, but when I learned this I stopped because I don't want to play cheap. I have been playing cookie clickers for about a month now. I used no cheats or anything that I think could've messed it up. I'm open for questions. Sorry if I don't reply fast. I'll try to, but I have other problems going on off the internet that I need to deal with.
Anyway, I am thankful for any help and like I said, open for questions.
The device is some sort of Chromebook sorry for not being specific)


  • DefourthkittenDefourthkitten Posts: 2Member
    Also, I'm new to DashNet so I'm sorry for anything I did wrong, and please tell me if I did.
  • LGameMaker13LGameMaker13 Posts: 28Member
    I mean, having NaN cookies is fine. It's like infinite. There's no problems, and I've cheated in the game before. So, it's okay.
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