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A Big Mistake in Idle Games

DonutaskDonutask Posts: 22Member ✭✭
Here is a rant on an issue I see in many IGM games: balance.
Problem 1:
Firstly, many games reach infinity resources in less than a few minutes.
Make the first buildings give low amount of resources. Even late game buildings shouldn't give to much otherwise JS will overflow.

Problem 2

Really cheap stuff. This makes "completing" a game really quick.


Make things get progressively more expensive, but give more.

Problem 3
To many buildings; not enough upgrades. One problem is drawing all the icons. Another is each building is pretty useless you just keep blazing through them all very fast.

Add loads of upgrades for each building. Also make a quite large price gap between buildings, so you focus on getting some upgrades.

That's the end of me attempting to help people. DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion and is not aimed at anyone.
Have fun annoying me about whatever mistakes I made.
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