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Help with a few different price/resource yield questions

apotheosisapotheosis Posts: 144Member ✭✭
I am looking to make a game similar to KeepKraft and Kittens Game but have a few things I need help with:

1- How do I have building cost follow a non exponential path? Specifically, I want building cost to be X Resources x (N + 1)^2 resources where N is the number of that building you currently own.

2- How do I have an upgrade increase the yield of a specific resource from a building, while not effecting others. Like, let's say I have a farm that yields +12 food and -10 labor. I want an upgrade that specifically adds +3 to food yield, or -2 to labor yield.

3- Same as #2, but I want to effect the percentage chance a building has of producing a specific resource.

Thank you!


  • tehkilla515tehkilla515 Posts: 33Member ✭✭
    2. You can just use these two lines:

    on earn: increase food yield of farm by 3
    on earn: increase labor yield of farm by -2
    Not 100% sure about decreased yield.

    3. Do this:

    on earn: multiply food yield of farm by M

    How to find M:
    The percent increase (e.g: 25%)
    Then, use that percent (25) and add 1. before it. Making M 1.25
    Unless it's 100% or higher, then add a 2.before it. At 125%, M is 2.25
    For 200-300%, use 3.
    300-400%, use 4. etc
  • apotheosisapotheosis Posts: 144Member ✭✭
    Thank you.

    Anyone on question #1?
  • apotheosisapotheosis Posts: 144Member ✭✭
    Hmmm my upgrades aren't working. Can someone see if there is a problem with this code?

    name:Wooden Rakes
    desc:Better than farming with your bare hands! +1 farm food output
    on earn:increase food yield of farm by 1
    cost:1000 wood

    It is not boosting farm output at all. Here is the farm for reference:

    desc:Agriculture is the base of civilization. +12 food, -10 labor"
    on tick:if (have labor) yield 12 food
    on tick:yield -10 labor
    on tick:if (chance(20%)) yield 1 seed
    cost:1000 labor
    cost:50 seed
    cost increase:102%
  • IronDizasterIronDizaster Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    edited February 2
    is the wooden rakes an upgrade? if so, I think it should be:

    passive:increase food yield of farm by 1

    instead of on earn:increase food yield of farm by 1

    Post edited by IronDizaster on
    delayed update > rushed update
  • apotheosisapotheosis Posts: 144Member ✭✭
    edited February 3
    That seemed to work!

    EDIT: Nevermind, that appears to only increase total food yield by 1, not 1 per farm.
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