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Help whit the Stylesheet?

MidrakMidrak Posts: 4Member
Hey i am Edward,

this is my Game what i work on it . Its about a Nekromant/Lich/, Lord of the Death who Controlls Skeletons to Achievment World Controll , later he founds out that this is not the only World and there is Higher "Meaning" to Archiv. You need to use you´re Army of Death wisly how you take Controll and use it right to get faster than another Player.

Idea is to make a Clicker game that takes alot of time to beat and every achievement you make is hard to get! Not many will have what you done.

I am still a Noob and the stylesheet gives me most problem so fare.

I want to ask if someone can help me whit my problem. (I only make Bastards when i change it).

But here is the picture how i want to make it.

https ://

This is my Stylsheet right now

https ://

For now more i dont want to show becouse alot is not done. ( I am not even done whit Tier 1:.)

I will only Release my game when everything is done till Tier 3-4. Becouse this will take Month to Beat it ;)

And this is just the beginging, i want to make 20 Tiers and more.

Thank you for Interest

Later more

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