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How to increase click resource per other items owned?

thisismattthisismatt Posts: 3Member
I want to do a click upgrade that does something like this:
multiply resource yield of resourceButton by tag:p
I have the tags:p on other buildings but I can't seem to get this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

An example of what I want:

Click: 2 resource/click
Building A: owned 3
Building B: owned 5
*Buys click upgrade
Click: 16 resource/click (2*8)


  • RadicalRobotRadicalRobot Posts: 39Member ✭✭
    'multiply yield of resourceButton by (BuildingA+BuildingB)' could work. I don't believe tags can work that way, don't quote me on that though...
    Stay Radical!
  • thisismattthisismatt Posts: 3Member
    Ah I see. I thought about that too but when I have a lot of buildings, it would make the code really ugly. I was hoping there would be a way to make it so that every time I add a building, I won't have to remember to add it to the click upgrade too. Thanks for helping!
  • RadicalRobotRadicalRobot Posts: 39Member ✭✭
    Oh, I believe I see the problem. If you are doing for example: 'by tag:Example' then it might not work. If you try 'by :Example' it might work.

    Putting tag:Example on something means your adding that tag to the thing. Just doing :Example will use the tag instead of adding it.
    Stay Radical!
  • thisismattthisismatt Posts: 3Member
    Ah that didn't work either :/ I was hoping that it would so much :(
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