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CheetoManCheetoMan Posts: 2Member
Please remember this game is undergoing huge updates and was only made a day ago!


  • firefliesfireflies Posts: 56Member ✭✭
    200 soda every 3 seconds would be 66.66667 soda every tick - your on tick says yield 10 soda.

    Factories that produce 1000 soda every 2 seconds yield 1000 soda per tick.

    The upgrades could do with a clearer description - some of the earlier ones don't indicate what their benefit is.

    You don't have any upgrades for the SodaPlanes

    Scaling seems to be unusual - you jump from helpful lad generating 1 soda every 10 seconds to 10 soda every second on the soda trees, so after the first helpful lad purchase, there's really not much point buying more as the soda trees outclass them.

    The upgrade costs are out of alignment too- the prices are far too cheap given that some of the "n buildings" upgrades are already in the costs of hundred thousands, and the corresponding booster upgrade is 3k, it becomes an afterthought.

    The background may benefit from being more faded - putting a semi-transparent white layer over the top would keep the image but put it more into the background, so the rest of the content can be seen more readily.

    I know you only built it a day ago, and you have a bit more content than others have in a day - I would like to see it take shape more and find its own path - definitely work on the scaling of production, match the descriptions to the production, and if I am understanding right, you're intending to build a story around the "helpful lads" - let this come out more within the early buildings perhaps and give something to the player to follow.
  • CheetoManCheetoMan Posts: 2Member
    Some stuff has been fixed such as the scaling on the buildings, the buildings don't jump in how much soda they produce as much. The upgrades are also a lot more expensive. I also fixed some of my mistakes in the code such as how much soda a building yields. There is also a new backround that is a lot easier to look at. Descriptions on buildings also have more to do with the helpful lads. Speaking of the helpful lads i have also added an upgrade sort of like one mind that involves them.
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