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Laundromat Simulator (Version 0.4)

HappyComixHappyComix Posts: 2Member
edited December 2018 in Games
I just made a game called Laundromat Simulator. You get popularity so people take unwashed clothes to your Laundromat. You then wash them, dry them, and fold them, and then return them for a quarter. You can hire staff to automate it, and hire managers to automatically hire staff for you. I'd like suggestions, bugs, and potential nerfs/buffs to make the game better.

+Various bug fixes.
+"Send Flyer" upgrade works.
-Removed "Send Flyer" button.
+Added Changelog
+Front desk ladies now are boosted from the "More Profit" upgrade.
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  • HappyComixHappyComix Posts: 2Member
    And the pastebin ID is uDnpyY0p. I forgot to put it in the original post, sorry.
  • firefliesfireflies Posts: 56Member ✭✭
    I think this is a great concept - I love the shifting dynamic of the game here... a few points to note:

    1) The website doesn't give the 100 quarters a second it promises
    2) The buildings jump around a bit - if they have pictures this should even it out a bit as they would have minimum 48px height
    3) The counting seems off - sometimes it's jumping to negative numbers and I suspect having the multiple on tick events in the same things is the reason - would be more efficient to have a single on tick for each thing that needs one and merge them together
    4) As per point 2, the whole thing would be much improved with pictures, and ideally getting the buttons brought down into the main section
    5) Once you get to the CEO/Server level, it's end game - you're pretty much either buying CEO/Servers or raising prices

    6) I would like to see it become a bit more challenging - slow down the pace and give the player more effort - there should be a penalty for jobs not completed - maybe a limit to how many unwashed/washed/etc clothes that can be present per worker (but then the timing issues need to be fixed as it jumps up and down)

    It's a unique concept and I would definitely want to see more of this - please develop it further!
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